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 A list of common questions

I've gotten on Instagram & YouTube. 


What paper do you use your acrylic markers on?

I draw on 14pt coated cardstock paper that I order from my local print shop as blank cards, it's a super smooth and thick coated paper that I can do a lot of blending on; it's the best type of paper that I've come across. I've also tried some sketch pads specifically designed for markers and they work pretty well too. I've had poor results on regular sketch pads and textured paper.


What are some art fundamental books that you'd recommend to beginner artists? 


What art school did you go to, and would you recommend it? 

I went to Sheridan College in Ontario, Canada for their renowned animation program. It's a really intense, hands-on, animation production-focused program. I chose animation over illustration because in Canada the animation industry provides well-paid and stable jobs. It's a good path if you are either really into animation, or you want to work in the arts, but also want a nice, stable income. 


How did you develop your art style? 

I think my art style is a combination of my natural inclination in design and different influences I've taken on over the years. Japanese traditional woodblock art and Impressionism have had the biggest impact on my art. I'm also constantly inspired by many contemporary artists, seeing their approach in art makes me want to step out of my comfort zone and push my own designs further. 

I love visiting art museums and galleries when I visit a new city, it's the best way to enjoy art in my opinion! Wikiart is a good alternative if you are stuck at home. :)

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