Hi there!

My name is Angela Pan and I'm an artist based in Canada.

Seeing the beauty around me and capturing those precious and fleeting moments with my art is my passion. I love working with acrylic markers, oil pastels and watercolour pencils.

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When I was 12 years old, my mom and I immigrated to Canada from China. As a kid, I loved drawing covers of my favourite Japanese manga Detective Conan. I was obsessed with reading comics and watching movies throughout my adolescence. I knew drawing, visual and film storytelling would be my life long passions. 


When the time came to deciding my future in Grade 11, I somehow managed to convince my mom that studying animation is a great idea. Graduating with high honours from Sheridan's animation program in 2014, I have since worked in the animation industry for 6 years as an environment designer. I worked on various 2D & 3D animated children's TV shows popular on Netflix and Prime. Although I loved designing and painting beautiful environments for a TV production, I knew my true calling and purpose lie somewhere else. After going through 2 years of quarter-life crisis and endless debate with myself, I finally took a leap of faith in 2020 and became a self-employed artist. I now spend my time cuddling my cat Suki and creating travel illustrations, working with brands and making art videos.


I'm always excited to work on new projects.

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